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Find Legal Forms' Legal Gaurdianship Kit

A “Parental Permission and Medical Consent with Liability Release” Form can be used whenever it becomes necessary for a parent to (a) give permission for their child to participate in an organized activity (i.e. a school trip, scouting trip, sports team etc…) and (b) release the organizer from liability,

This form allows parents to consent to their child in participating in a specified activity defined on the form. It also grants the organizers of the activity the power to make health care related decisions on behalf of the child. This can be especially important on a school trip if a medical emergency arises when the parents may not be readily available to consent to certain emergency medical procedures.

The Parental Permission and Medical Consent with Liability Release Form also releases the organizers of the event from any liability, holds them harmless and indemnifies them in the event of injury or damage.

This package contains a (1) Parental Permission and Medical Consent with Liability Release Form; (2) Child Care Instructions (3) simple instructions plus a checklist; and (4) additional useful information about Parental Permission and Medical Consent documents.
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Also available for Sole Parent Guardians
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