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Standard Legal's Living Will Kit Prepare in advance for a variety of health-emergency situations! Give specific details and instructions about your healthcare to your friends and family with this Standard Legal Software Living Will program. This Advanced Healthcare Directive contains not only the Living Will documents, but also a Health Care Power of Attorney document and a Durable Property Power of Attorney document! A great value! Choose the most comprehensive Living Will package available -- direct from The Standard Legal Network!

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Sample of LegalZoom's Living Will Kit As competent adults, we have the right to make advance decisions as to whether or not we would like to decline life support when it is clear that death is imminent or a state of coma becomes permanent. Today, life support systems can keep an individual's body alive for years, even if the brain is no longer functioning or the person is in constant pain.

A living will is a document which lets you to decide whether or not to be kept on artificial life support. Often, these documents also appoint someone to make important health care decisions on your behalf in case you are unable to do so. LegalZoom can help you quickly and easily take control of your health care decisions by preparing a customized living will online.
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